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  Our country offers an enormous range of beautiful venues for those special occasions, one of which is proudly offered by Kleine Marie. We are able to provide a beautiful and reliable possibility that comfortably seats both large and smaller congregations.

Our venues can be altered to fit the particular theme chosen by clients and is perfect for larger or more intimate gatherings. We go to great depths in bringing every dream concerning the event to life and take complete responsibility in seeing that all the arrangements run as smoothly as possible for the big day.

From corporate and intimate ceremonies to memorable weddings, Kleine Marie thrives in offering a fun, classic, elegant and non obtrusive style surrounding the hiring and decor of our beautiful function venues.

Without a doubt, your wedding day may be deemed as one of the most important and memorable days of your life and should be uniquely tailored to please all personal and special requirements.

Your perfect wedding day could take months of preparation and the venue should be the starting point of all these preparations, we can assure you that our provided venue has the ability to be transformed into everything you expect for your special day.

The hype situated around weddings should carry the same weight as that of business related events to maintain the standards of your company. When in search of a venue to hold any corporate event such as conferences, rest assured that Kleine Marie houses an immaculate venue that effortlessly seats up to 400 people.

Due to the fact that Kleine Marie is a family establishment, we put our heart and soul into the tiniest details to ensure that every endeavour from the venue to the decor to the food is special from start to finish. Long after cake has been cut, food eaten and attire packed away, we promise to create everlasting memories of the special day that will capture the essence of the event every single time it is thought of, not only by you but your guests as well.
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